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Fun times: Seoul

18 Jan

I stumbled upon some guys playing djembe drums in Hongdae the last time I was in Seoul having my dreds re-twisted. After listening for a bit, I dropped 1,000 won in their tray and asked if I could sit in for a quick jam session. Big ups to Kickerjean for the video. Hopefully I won’t regret showing my face.


Kimchi Dreadlocks


“Ayyy Girl” Made Worse by Mr. West

20 Oct

So today I planned on posting on some thoughts I had over the weekend, but something better fell into my lap whilst desk warming at the J.O.B.

I’m happily going through last Sunday’s football highlights when my co-teacher approaches–CD in hand–asking me if I can transcribe the rap verse on some song for her. I first wince at the task, then get all warm inside when I think about the possibility of sneaking some raps into my grade six lesson plans (really I have no clue if the transcribed verse will even be used for a lesson, but I can dream dammit). Half the school already hears me reciting lines from A Tribe Called Quest on a regular basis so using it to teach the finer points of my native tongue wouldn’t be much of a stretch. I take a look at the song she has in mind and immediately  notice Kanye West is on the track.

The song is called Ayyy Girl and apparently it’s the first single of an album entitled The Beginning by  K-pop trio J.Y.J. I know nothing about the group, but judging by the looks of the CD cover, they’re a typical Korean boy band, complete with fucked up hair styles, overtly feminine clothing, and way to much eyeliner, however this is beside the point. I tell my co-teacher I’ll transcribe the verse for her and take a listen. It’s clear the group is shooting for an international market. The track Mr. West is featured on, along with the rest of the album, is recorded entirely in english.

For all that don’t know, I’m a sucker for damn near anything Hip-Hop, and while Kanye has let me down in the past, he still remains one of my favorites. And before all you so called “real” Hip-Hop aficionados leave hate mail my comments section–blabbing  about how commercial Kanye has become–save it for your sissy internet forums. I purely don’t give a shit. I’m a fan.

That being said, Kanye should apologize for fucking up what might have otherwise been an only halfway shitty song. Truth be told, I think K-Pop is some of the worst music on the planet(right up there with the ear cancer better known as Country Western), but at least it’s consistently crappy, and most Korean teenie-boppers only need a few cute faces who can bust out some slick dance moves and they’re golden. J.Y.J. went for the gusto. I’m almost positive they wrote a check, and in return Mr. West sent them some random shit he scribbled in his notepad along with a beat and melody he probably composed while sitting on his Louis Vitton toilet. And here I honestly thought K-pop could get no worse.

But hell, I’m no music critic. Judge for yourself and share your thoughts.


Kimchi Dreadlocks

Seoul Round 2: Global Gathering 2010

12 Oct

Early last week I told myself that I would have a mellow weekend here in Busan. I figured I’d explore some unvisited parts of the city, snap some pics and do some self reflection on my time in Korea thus far. I make it all the way to Friday before completely tossing the idea to the curb.

An hour before I get off of work, while starring into the online black hole known as Facebook, I decide to again crash Seoul for the weekend and head to Global Gathering 2010–a 14-hour muti-stage, muti-DJ music festival set in Hangang Park on the Han river.After work, I make  a dash for my apartment, throw some shit in a backpack and head to the train station.

Now I’m a self proclaimed hip-hop head–I love the shit–but I was more than pleased to see the festival headliners included Fatboy Slim, Justice and international powerhouse DJ Armin Van Buuren. Hell, Fatboy Slim alone would’ve been enough lure me to Seoul.

Walking onto the festival grounds, I’m a bit underwhelmed at the size of the venue and begin to wonder if the show is going to be any good, but as the sun set I quickly realize what I’m in for.

They key to surviving at a long music festival is setting a reasonable pace to ensure you’re not passed the fuck out when the headliners hit the stage. You don’t want to be the person who can only comment about the first few acts because you decided to go for broke at the Jagermister tent, then passed out by the tour busses, hoping to score an autograph. Needless to say, eating and staying hydrated are a must if you plan to go the distance.

I stave off getting too juiced for as long as I can and cut loose right before Justice takes the stage. This is when the fun really starts. Several times during the DJ set I find myself on top of a friend’s shoulders in an attempt to hype up the crowd around me. Why? Fuck if I know. Techno moves the spirit.

Big ups to Jens for the photo.

Towards the end of Justice’s set another friend convinces me that we should try to make it towards the front front stage. We get about two rows away from the front before realizing it is not a place we want to be. There was no dancing just violent swaying in whatever direction the crowd moved. We barely manage to keep from being trampled to death. I look down at my friend and she has a look on her face that seems to say “I was wrong Jay, this is no place for a human being” I’m still not sure how we were able to make it out with no serious injuries.

Besides stellar sets by Justice and the aging Fatboy Slim, the highlight of the night was free beer. I had just been kicked out of VIP after hopping the fence and plopping down at at a reserved table (I didn’t matter really the view from VIP sucked and they didn’t even have free drinks) when I notice the beer tent just outside only has two people manning it with the entire stock of beer stacked behind them with no one keeping an eye on the stash. Instincts kick in and before you know it I’m crouched down behind the tent stuffing my backpack full of liquid gold. I manage to get somewhere in between 12 and 15 cans stuffed inside before the bag is completely filled and I have to abandon the rest. I then head back to the crowd to catch Armin Van Buuren’s set.

After all that hard work I end up goving most of my stash away and can hardly drink the ones I’ve kept.  At five in the morning I barely make it on the last shuttle back to Hongdae and probably piss off some of the other passengers with my drunken banter on Dave Chapelle and 3-6-Mafia.

By six 0’clock Sunday  evening I’m back in Busan trying to figure out if the festival was worth the trip. I put my I pod away and notice I still have two stolen beers at the bottom of my backpack. I can’t help but grin as I make my way to the subway station. The music was awesome, but nothing beats a free beer(s).


Kimchi Dreadlocks

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