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Crown J is Gangsta!

8 Dec

Big ups to Brian in Jeollanam-Do for the heads up on this story. I couldn’t keep myself from posting about it.

It appears that Korean and American rap artists have more in common than I thought.

Last week,  K-rapper  Crown J was arrested in Seoul for smoking weed during his recent stay in Atlanta, GA, where he was recording songs for an upcoming album release.

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of  Crown J since arriving in Korea a few months ago. He’s released several albums since he debuted in 2006 and also appeared on a reality TV show.

Apparently, the fuzz grabbed him up soon after he arrived at Incheon International Airport and immediately made him drop a piss test, looking for evidence of  “drug taking.”

From The Korean Herald:

…Crown J had been buying the drug from international sources since May 2010 while residing in Atlanta, and shared it with some other Koreans. The police are now looking for further information.

This shit blows my mind.

I know Korea has some strict drug laws, but this has got to be one of the only places where you can get arrested–after the fact– upon returning home, for smoking a couple of joints in a completely different country. Also, I’d really like to know how the hell the authorties found out he was smoking in the first place? And sharing it with other Koreans? Unless Crown Jizzle was dumb enough to record the act and post it on the internet, I fail to see how they would have ever known, that is, unless one of his cronies is stone cold snitch. Check your homies, Crown J, check your homies.

Assuming Crown J is familiar with Korea’s drug policies, maybe the question that needs to be asked is: why blaze up in the first place? Peer pressure? Street credibility? If it’s the latter of the two, he’s going about it all wrong.

If you want street cred in an American commercial rap market, you either have to A. Get shot, B. Get caught with guns in your possession, or C. Be a member of the Wu Tang Clan.

Either way, I feel sorry for the kid.

Here in Korea, he’ll probably be shunned out of the public eye for a while, negating the possibility of a successful album release. In the states, even with a drug charge, I doubt he’ll see commercial success. Sadly, his music just isn’t that good–even by shitty mainstream standards.

But what the hell do I know?

Check it out for yourself.


Kimchi Dreadlocks


“Ayyy Girl” Made Worse by Mr. West

20 Oct

So today I planned on posting on some thoughts I had over the weekend, but something better fell into my lap whilst desk warming at the J.O.B.

I’m happily going through last Sunday’s football highlights when my co-teacher approaches–CD in hand–asking me if I can transcribe the rap verse on some song for her. I first wince at the task, then get all warm inside when I think about the possibility of sneaking some raps into my grade six lesson plans (really I have no clue if the transcribed verse will even be used for a lesson, but I can dream dammit). Half the school already hears me reciting lines from A Tribe Called Quest on a regular basis so using it to teach the finer points of my native tongue wouldn’t be much of a stretch. I take a look at the song she has in mind and immediately  notice Kanye West is on the track.

The song is called Ayyy Girl and apparently it’s the first single of an album entitled The Beginning by  K-pop trio J.Y.J. I know nothing about the group, but judging by the looks of the CD cover, they’re a typical Korean boy band, complete with fucked up hair styles, overtly feminine clothing, and way to much eyeliner, however this is beside the point. I tell my co-teacher I’ll transcribe the verse for her and take a listen. It’s clear the group is shooting for an international market. The track Mr. West is featured on, along with the rest of the album, is recorded entirely in english.

For all that don’t know, I’m a sucker for damn near anything Hip-Hop, and while Kanye has let me down in the past, he still remains one of my favorites. And before all you so called “real” Hip-Hop aficionados leave hate mail my comments section–blabbing  about how commercial Kanye has become–save it for your sissy internet forums. I purely don’t give a shit. I’m a fan.

That being said, Kanye should apologize for fucking up what might have otherwise been an only halfway shitty song. Truth be told, I think K-Pop is some of the worst music on the planet(right up there with the ear cancer better known as Country Western), but at least it’s consistently crappy, and most Korean teenie-boppers only need a few cute faces who can bust out some slick dance moves and they’re golden. J.Y.J. went for the gusto. I’m almost positive they wrote a check, and in return Mr. West sent them some random shit he scribbled in his notepad along with a beat and melody he probably composed while sitting on his Louis Vitton toilet. And here I honestly thought K-pop could get no worse.

But hell, I’m no music critic. Judge for yourself and share your thoughts.


Kimchi Dreadlocks

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