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K-Blog All-Stars

29 Dec

The folks at Hiexpat.com dropped by my blog the other day. Apparently they like my scribblings enough to include me in their blog contest.

You can find the details here.

Frankly I couldn’t care less if you vote for me or not, but I do recommend taking a look at some of the other blogs. There’s some damn good sites listed–almost all of them with a lot better content than the rants I post. Have some spare time? Check em out.

Most of us do this shit as a hobby, and I can’t speak for all the K-bloggers out there, but I love a little exposure from time to time. Hell, I almost break down in tears when my site stats plummet. Big baby crocodile tears.

That being said, big ups to Hi Expat and Groove Magazine for the support. It’s greatly appreciated.


Kimchi Dreadlocks


Busan Blog Love

15 Oct

In a quest to get more eyeballs looking at my K-blog scribblings, I requested to be added to the Korean Blog List website. It took the bastards almost a month to add me (some bullshit about them needing to make sure I post regularly) but they finally did. Am I jumping for joy? Not quite, but I have gotten a few more hits from the link so I can’t complain much.

I shared the lowdown on how to get added with some other Busanite bloggers and had a revelation: Why don’t I share links for them on my humble site? I’ve been lucky to have several more popular bloggers drop links links to my shit; might as well do the same for others. Besides while I may be a cocky S.O.B., I’m not ungrateful. I’m still a pup on the scene. My traffic doesn’t even come close to fucking with these other chums who put k-blogging on a pedestal right along with Jesus and their Korean brides. If I can help even one newbie blogger get some views, I’ve done my good deed for the day.

At any rate, several members of the EPIK Busan clan are posting their thoughts on the R.O.K. I read they’re shit, you should too (or at least swing by and take a peek).

Keep in mind though. I’m not Mr. Dubs. He’ll drop a link for any Tom, Dick and Harry that asks. With the exception of one written by some friends from the Daegu crew, all of the following blogs are written by Busanites. If any other K-bloggers are in Busan and  looking for some site views, let me know and I’ll do my best to help. I can’t promise anyone will actually look at your shit, but a little  lube never hurt anyone. If I’ve forgotten someone from the EPIK family, let me know and I’ll add them.

The Illerati

Sam and Jesse Take Korea

The Same in Any Language


The Orient Expressions

I like Your Shoes

A Santana in Busan

A Dude, A Jew…. Daegu


In other news, I’ve changed the name I post under. It sounded too much like one of the K-Blog lifers I mentioned above.


Kimchi Dreadlocks

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