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Radioactive Rain?

7 Apr

Korea has been all up in a fuss about the radioactive rain that was supposed to hit the peninsula today. Schools have closed down, kids have been banned from going outside and citizens have been generally  pissed off because they were initially told by the Korea Meteorological Association and the Korean Institute of Nuclear Safety that there would be no radiation coming into the country from Japan. They only admitted to the possibility after other foreign institutions did. Not that it mattered anyway. The trace amounts that were previously found in the air as well as the amount that was expected to fall with the rain were said to be so minuscule that it would have no harmful affects on the human body. Still, with the Korean media blasting information about even the possibility of radioactive rain, many locals are taking extra precautions.

However, as it turns out, all the scare is for no reason. The rain is nothing more than springtime doing its thing.

Honestly it doesn’t surprise me that the nation freaked out for a couple of days over this–even after being told it would cause no harm. Koreans seem to be good at working themselves up for little or no reason. We’re talking about a country that damn near shuts down on spring days when the yellow dust from China blows in (as it does in most of  the southern part of Asia). Likewise, During the winter Busan had snowfall that barely covered the ground, but many schools in the area were closed or had late starts because of it. I strolled into work that day only to find out that classes would be delayed nearly 2 hours–time I could have spent sleeping. A Korean friend of mine (a grown man) told me his mother had called into work for him because she didn’t want him to catch the bus; y the roads weren’t safe enough (which was probably true, but had nothing to do with the snow and everything to do with how crazy Korean drivers tend to be).

Personally I was hoping to get a couple days off with the coming of radiation infused rain. It would have been a great start to my weekend. No lie, when I showed up this morning I was halfway expecting to be sent right back home. In my head I was planning out the rest of my day just in case it happened. Nope. Even without the false alarm, I would have still taught my taught my usual lessons and had to tend to my normal desk warming bid.

So just like that, the possibility of radioactive rainfall has faded, and with it, my hopes of growing webbed feet in time for Busan’s beach season. Dammit.


Kimchi Dreadlocks

P.S. Links here and here in case you want to read more

*UPDATE: So I guess there was some radiation found in yesterday’s rain, but still not enough to create any interesting mutations or provide super human powers.  Now all we have to worry about is the possible radioactive  yellow dust sandstorm.  Great. Just great. Big ups to The Marmots Hole for the links.


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