This Might Get You Slapped!

5 Oct

Big ups to Kelly in Korea, Brian in Jellanam-Do and The Marmot’s Hole for alerting me of this.  I couldn’t resist posting it for my readers.

This, my friends, is the type of shit that might get you jumped on just about any street back home.  However here in Korea, it’s damn near a novelty to wear a t-shirt splattered with english sentences that either make no fucking sense whatsoever or are overtly offensive. It kills me that this chick is actually grinning from ear to ear, proud as ever of her racist ass purchase.

The worst part? Most  Koreans wearing this shit have no clue what the words even mean.

I keep asking myself  what would happen if I came across this in public. Three reactions come to mind:

1. Do nothing and chalk it up to ignorance.                                  
2. Point and give the famous Korean arm cross signaling “not o.k.”
3. Let the dreads down and flip the fuck out black kung-fu style (and possibly end up in Korean prison).

I guess we’ll find out if/when it happens. Roll with the punches right?


Kimchi Dreadlocks


5 Responses to “This Might Get You Slapped!”

  1. Tim October 5, 2010 at 5:52 PM #

    WOW…there is a lot of those around…

  2. Mister Baekseju October 5, 2010 at 10:49 PM #

    Back when I was living in Korea, I was stunned by the T-Shirts that Koreans were wearing. Gold medal going to those ajuma jogging pants with written “Extra Juicy” on their butts. Also, I was pretty tired of Koreans deciding that because I was white, I surely was a Yank. “Hello, you amelican. You like Kolia?” So one day, I bought one of those “I’m not an American” (written in Korean) t-shirts from Babo Shirt. It was pretty cool to see stunned Koreans wondering if I knew what my T-shirt meant.

    Yes, young teenage grinning racist cunt, I’m a proud “Frog”.

    Keep the blog up man. Good stuff.

    • Jaywoodseyo October 6, 2010 at 12:45 AM #

      Thanks for the comment. I’m almost surprised more Koreans here in Busan don’t think I’m from some country in Africa (though some did in Itaewon). It amazes me at how many worldly racial slurs one can learn from people’s clothing. I love the T-shirt gimmick you pulled. The right prank at the right time, it seems. Keep checking back. I’ll try to keep it interesting.

  3. Hari October 15, 2010 at 9:53 PM #

    I don’t know. If I saw, say, a black British dyke wearing a shirt like that?… she’d be my hero. I would never assume that someone means it offensively if I was to see that shirt. I’d probably instead give them the benefit of thinking that they might be pointing out how damned race and sexuality and whatever else conscious we all are. I’d almost be tempted to wear it with that in mind… but then again… I’d have to accept that I would get the shit slapped out of me and more importantly I know that I would inevitably offend someone if I did, so…. maybe not. What I would do though, if I saw a Korean wearing that, is ask them why 양놈 isn’t on it. That’s a word as strong as nigger, but used by Koreans to speak of us foreigners. Now, that would be a fun question to ask.

  4. steddy November 1, 2010 at 11:08 AM #

    Yeah, I recently failed to get a pic of a Korean guy wearing a Ni***s Prefer Blonds hoodie in the dangu club. (Yeah, I don’t even say that word.) Of course, he was about as black as Bi and his girl was as blond as Rosie O’Donnell.

    Even when they are somewhat familiar with words, I’m not sure they understand the severity. Case in point: I recently had to explain to my English Education major Koren co-teacher why we will not be teaching the kids to say “He has chinky eyes.” during our lesson on appearance…

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